Bill Schmalfeldt: The World’s Stupidest Man™

And since when do I do what a cowardly, spineless, anonymous troll tells me to do? – Bill Schmalfeldt – Apr 11

First, being smart enough to deprive you of what you love so dearly, the ability to stalk and harass your enemies, isn’t cowardly.  Why do you expect your enemies to play along by your rules?  WE ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS.

Spineless?  Call me that again, after you’ve explained your most recent LIES.  It’s WAY PAST TIME for you to MAN THE FUCK UP, Schmalfeldt!

Anonymous?  Yep.  I’m not relevant, anyway.  This is all about YOU, and your Team Kimberlin “friends”…  Hey, that reminds me…  Where ARE your “friends?”

And, I repeat:

Shakey, you’re on MY BLOG, you dumb fuck!

If you weren’t doing exactly what I want you to do, if you were actually managing to piss me off with your asinine bullshit… DO YOU REALLY THINK I’D LET YOU COMMENT HERE?

Dance, my little Monkey Bitch! DANCE!


75 thoughts on “Bill Schmalfeldt: The World’s Stupidest Man™

    • That’s it, Bill.

      It’s not bad enough that you’re facing criminal charges… Why don’t you open yourself up to counter-claims by fucking with people WHO CAN AFFORD LAWYERS?

      Of course, those lawyers aren’t so much an expense as an investment. Because, unlike those who defend themselves pro se, they can recover legal fees as well as damages.

      But, hey, don’t listen to me. I’m just the guy who warned you not to fuck with Mr. Hoge after his wife’s illness was made known. Enjoy your day in criminal court.

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    • If its anything like the original complaint, it will just be humorous reading and lots of people laughing, and not with you. Pretty sure the judge will be laughing as well. Whoever is advising you, please.. fire them.

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        • Absolutely. I can pat you on the head between the drill holes and say, “Oh at least you spelled my name right”, and then I can get right into the comedy part of the filing.

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          • Mocking my disease = Fail
            Mocking my size = Fail
            Mocking my wife = Fail
            Mocking my court record = Fail

            You don’t know me. You don’t know the first thing about me. I’m as happy as a man with 15 years of Parkinson’s can be. I’m very worried about my wife,but the Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh away. There is really nothng you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest. You amuse me. You are a diversion. For now.

            If I go to jail for offering cancer information to a the wife of a guy who has tried to frame me over and over and over again, oh fucking well. It ain’t gonna happen, of course, but if it does? Jail is just another place to be. Now, go pop your zits, lick your fingers clean, and go to bed and dream of the bitter disappointment you will experience in the week ahead.
            Everything about you = Fail


            • YEEEHAAAA!! We have point for point rebuttals all the way down! WE STRUCK GOLD WE DID!!

              Come and listen to a story about a BOY named WILLIE
              A poor ex-government functionary talkin’ all silly.
              Then one day the lickspittles shot at someone lewd
              And up through the ground came a bubblin’ crude…

              MAYO that is,
              Comedy gold, Elkridge crazy

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              Hey Shakey, we’re not laughing with you, we’er laughing at you. It really was today’s fun activity.

              And now that you’ve given us our entertainment for the day, run along now little boy. There’s a lad. 😉


    • Here we go again. Hey Blob, why do you think you can come to someone else’s blog and tell them what to do?

      OK. Let’s try this. Today’s fun activity: The Blob goes away, then f-cks off and dies. “Ready? GO.”

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          • I’m “butthurt” because a bunch of gamer-boy losers with greasy foreheads and no dates are sitting around a computer screen trying to do battle with someone who is superior to them in every single way?




            • Nope, Bill, you’re butthurt because you can’t dispute the nasty things people are saying about you… Because you’re a nasty piece of work.

              If we were a pack of “gamer-boys”, we’d likely be “progressives” like yourself… Frankly, this transcends age and politics: You’re such a creepy asshole that even the Daily Kos kicked your ass out!

              You’re superior to us? In every single way?

              How well can you dance the tango?

              How well can you drive a car, and ride a motorcycle?

              How skilled a shooter are you? We know you don’t know the basics of firearms safety, from that pic of you with the AR, but how are you at putting lead on paper?

              I’d ask how well you sing, but that’s no more of a question than BK’s singing ability.

              How many blogs welcome your comments? The fact you’re commenting HERE answers that question!

              So, yeah. You’re a butthurt asshole.

              Dwell on THAT.

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            • You call this a battle?


              That’s what little boys say when they go up against adults.

              Besides, didn’t you just say,
              “There is really nothng [sic] you little boys can say that bothers me in the slightest. You amuse me. You are a diversion.”

              A battle is not a diversion. And little boys should not try to “battle” big grown up men.

              It’s past your dinner time and mommy is calling. Go home little boy. There’s a lad. 😉


    • TK overall has a woeful misunderstanding of the difference between legal, but annoying behavior, and illegal AND annoying behavior. I’ve often wondered if they (as a group or individually) are not capable of understanding the difference, or are they willfully ignoring it in order it to harass?

      I suspect there’s a mix, from activity to activity and person to person.

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      • It really doesn’t matter if they believe their own nonsense. The fact of the matter is that when a layperson can read their fillings and know it’s utter bullshit, there’s no doubt their intent is not to seek justice, but to harass.

        Of course, there is no money in it for the goddamned lawyers to put a stop to this sort of bullshit.

        I wish the US would adopt some of the EU’s ideas about “loser pays”… and that the EU would adopt some of the US’s ideas about gun ownership and concealed carry! :0)

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  1. He’s not going to be satisfied until he is a convicted criminal, declared a vexatious litigant, and paying out the several hundred dollars a month in expendable income (that he himself revealed having) to those he’s harassed.

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  2. Whew! It is freaking EXHAUSTING switching logins back and forth along all these comments.

    At least I don’t have trouble keeping all the voices straight; dissociative personality disorder does have a few advantages.

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  3. Hey D. Edgren, here’s another one freshly minted today from the Blob, 4/12/15, 6:19 AM:

    “I never cease to be amazed by the blessings God has given me in the form of incredibly stupid adversaries.”

    I’d give an image link but he’ll just erase his timeline anyway. Maybe someone will screencap it.


  4. Is someone whining about something – Who has a criminal trial this week anyone we know? Or is he going to make some more child sex porn stories for perverts worldwide again? He’s such a brave guy, harassing a man with a very sick wife while hiding behind his own, hmmm to bad a trial has been called – wow just wow

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  5. Lets all point and laugh at the filthy man who wrote filthy things while working for an government organization, too bad he is still writing filthy perverted disgusted porn and thank goodness no one wants to buy it

    Lets all look forward to this weeks events as the first of many things come home to roost for someone who wants the attention but doesn’t want to pay the price

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  6. The Mayo’ed one is full of piss and vinegar today…I guess the Acme law books are right, he is going to win! Yeah right, like that’s going to happen!

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  7. Maybe he has very low expectations. He might stay out of jail. He might avoid a fine. He might get to keep his internet. What he won’t do is be able to explain why he violated a Peace Order on the night his “nemesis” was dealing with his wife’s cancer diagnosis. Hours after his first email and tweet, he was expressing doubt about the truthfulness of Hoge’s announcement.

    If going through life as a jerk qualifies as a win, we got a winner.

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  8. Personally, I don’t think he’ll go to jail. My guess is he’ll get some kind of fine and/or perform some kind of service or remedial class. If he does go to jail, it will be because he pissed off the judge in his attempt to turn the entire thing into a circus.

    If he is convicted, regardless, he’ll have a criminal record for some time. I believe such misdemeanors are probably expunged after several years. This will do him no favors, especially if he wants to freelance and potential employers require a background check.

    I could be wrong though. He could get the judge on a bad day and spend a year in jail because Bill opened his mouth. I can’t say that I won’t laugh if that happens.

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    • I have no clue if he’s going to jail this time. I do know that he has established a pattern of continuing to push the bounds of the peace orders and anti-harassment law in general… and if he keeps pushing his luck, it’s gonna run out.

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      • Therein lies the rub. In reference to the contempt charge, it was dismissed, but the judge was keenly aware that Schmally was toeing the line.

        Now, he has to go to court to answer a blatant violation and he is penning his hopes that the judge will understand he was doing so on humanitarian grounds, whatever that means.

        If the SA brings up the dismissed order from the contempt charge that contains the judge’s warning, the best he gets is a large fine and probation. No way he can talk himself out of at least that, unless the judge decides to give him just one more chance.

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